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The popular 2048 puzzle “”SURVIVAL SISTERS:2048″” is now powered up and available as “”+1 (plus one)””! In a devastated world, the Sisters have returned from the depths of despair to cultivate the sustenance of life today……!

About This Game

In a world in ruins, the sisters who have returned from the depths of despair must nurture the sustenance that will allow them to live today…

The popular 2048 puzzle “”SURVIVAL SISTERS:2048″” is now available as “”+1 (plus one)””!

(1) One day passes with each slide, and new objects appear!
(2) Objects appear at random: dirt, sisters, zombies, and the secret “”+1 (plus one)””!
(3) When you combine objects of the same soil, vegetables will appear! When you synthesize a Sister, the growth of the soil object will increase!
(4) If you continue to synthesize soil and harvest vegetables, the food value will increase and the population will grow!
(5) Bombs destroy overlapping objects, and zombies are no exception!
(6) Complete the “”Survival Mission”” given for each stage before the population reaches zero to clear the stage!
(7) GET “”COINS”” by clearing missions! Use “”coins”” to collect all the stills!

Defeat the looming threat of countless zombies and survive!

Survival Mission”” is added!
☆Adorable SD animations of sisters and zombies!
☆Added animations such as Sister Time and Zombie Rush!
☆Add “”Coins”” that can be earned by completing Survival Missions: !!!!
☆Added very attractive “”stills”” that can be obtained by spending “”coins”” !!!!!

Easy-to-operate 2048 puzzle!
Evolution by merging the same image!
Harvest the vegetables you grow!
When the sisters appear, it’s your chance!
Zombies eat other objects!
Zombies eat other objects.
Fever is coming depending on the conditions…!
Simple, but endless fun!

She is energetic and works hard at everything.
She believes that even a devastated land can produce vegetables if she works hard.
She is terrified of zombies.
However she is a healthy sister who works hard every day to cultivate the land.

She appears to be unmotivated; in fact, she is unmotivated.
However, She is not keen on being eaten to death by zombies, so she helps Sister Anna with her hard work in the fields.
She is also a big dog lover and prefers to keep dogs alive rather than humans.

Normally, she is a kind and gentle sister like a holy mother, but she has a strong hatred for zombies due to her young brother’s attack by zombies.
Based on the blueprints of the “Zombie Obliteration Bomb” left by her young brother, she is developing bomb every day in addition to working in the fields.

Survive in the apocalypse with cute characters and cute vegetables!


Genre: Casual, Indie





Release Date: 18 Jul, 2023


System Requirements



    • OS: Windows 7 or later

    • OS: Windows 7 or later


    • OS: OS 10.6+

    • OS: OS 10.6+

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