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Surreal cult adventure in a journey into the world of the unconscious through Surrealist Techniques. Talk to bizarre characters, solve puzzles, and learn a lot about surrealism. Released in 1999, the definitive version offers many extras, including English texts, making-ofs and more.

About This Game


Welcome to your mind!
In the 20s, artists led by André Breton got together to create a new form of art, an art that used the expressions of the unconscious through the Psychic Automatism. To this end, they developed the Surrealist Techniques, which are nothing more than ways to bring out this dark side of the human mind.
Today, you will follow in their footsteps, bravely exploring a strange and bizarre world, bringing to light the imagery and genius of the Surrealist movement.
Be taken on a journey through Surrealist Techniques, and if you are chosen, you will reach your ultimate goal: The Macrocosm! Witness an inner universe and actively participate in this unusual saga, which may lead you in other directions.
But do not think that this will be an easy task! You will experience an immersion in a virtual environment where you will have to interact freely with the objects and beings that live there. Your mission in search of the Supra-Reality will be arduous, you will have to follow the path that the Artists and Philosophers of the Surrealist Universe have trodden. Beware, you may arrive in places that are not so welcoming.
It is up to you to discover the secrets of this exotic environment, and to do so you will have the help of the strange beings who may be willing to help you. There will be moments when your skills will be put to use, reasoning, intelligence, inspiration, agility, and a good sense of exploration are some of the ingredients that you must not fail to bring to venture into Surreality.
Culture, Art, Entertainment, and Knowledge combine to form an authentic Surrealist experience in an inhospitable and unknown world called the Unconscious.


Surreality is an obscure, totally independent Brazilian game created in 1999 by a small team of surrealism-obsessed people. Over the years it has become cult among its admirers.
The version you are going to play now is the definitive edition, with a series of improvements and extra material for you to better enjoy everything Surreality has to offer, but the story, graphics, music and gameplay remain intact, exactly the same as it was created in 1999.
We are very proud of this project that, although dated in many ways, maintains its charm and innovation to this day.
It contains some elements that in today’s eyes may sound offensive to some people, even though they were not created with this intention and do not represent the opinions of the team. In the name of historical preservation we have decided to keep these elements unchanged.
What you are about to play is a love letter to surrealism and gaming.
Enjoy, and open the doors of your unconscious.
Dimitri Kozma


Three levels of play!
There are three levels of action, presented in sequence, allowing free choice of depth for the adventurer, where the degree of immersion in the world of Surrealism will be decided as he/she chooses:

Real World – This is the first level, for those who dare not enter the mind. This world offers a wide range of material about Surrealism. Ideal for those who just want to do research.

Human Mind – Conscious: You have already entered the human mind, now your perception regarding the world around you is slightly changed, explore as you wish. There are several environments that hold countless surprises for those who are brave. Ideal for those who want to go deeper into the Surrealist universe, here you will also find ample research material, as well as some surprises that await you.

Human Mind – Unconscious: Finally you reach the core of Surreality. The Unconscious holds countless surprises beyond what your eyes can see. Don’t fool yourself, explore to the maximum, talk to everyone and try many possibilities, you won’t be punished for trying, most of the time you will get another chance. There are many secrets in countless environments. If you are able, you will reach your final goal, the Macrocosm!

Three Endings!
Play several times! Not only is there no linear order to explore the universe of Surreality, you will have three totally different endings at your disposal. Your attitudes during the journey will influence your future decisions.

A totally original concept that combines the excitement of adventure games with knowledge, culture and art. Explore a huge 3D world, find important elements and take them with you so you can use them later. Talk to beings with distinct personalities, each of them behave in a different way and have a different way of thinking, it’s up to you to interact with them as you see fit.

Extra Attractions!
There are several attractions that will give Surreality a long life, here are some of them:

“Auto Writing” Machine – Try it out and be entertained for hours in a game that will create over 1 million sentences! You will never see a sentence repeated. Get ready for the unusual, because you will really be amazed by this machine.

“Delicate Corpse” – This is another Surrealistic game, you will be asked for one word, between verb, subject and adjective. Write it down and watch the other participants in the game write it without one knowing what the other has written. Get ready for lots of laughs and amazement. This game is a real emulator of “Delicate Corpse”, each participant thinks like a real person and the game will reflect this. Not to be missed, play for hours.

“Razorblade” – Based on a Surrealist concept, “A razor in the eye of society”, play as much as you want this action mini-game and try to put an end to the eye of society. Fun to the extreme.

And not only these attractions, you will also find the film “An Andalusian Dog”, masterpiece by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, in its full, uncut version. In addition, answer a quiz game, try to open the psychic locks, listen to hidden music, see unseen paintings, discover highly hidden secrets, and many more attractions that will take you on a journey for hours on end to reach the Macrocosm.

Original Soundtrack!
More than 40 minutes of top quality music created exclusively for the Universe of Surreality! Original and involving, a lot of Rock, Techno and New Age.

Hours of Dialogues!
Talk in a non-linear way with the beings that inhabit Surreality! Many of the conversations are optional, and increase the interest in the subject in question. In addition to hints for continuing the adventure, you can earn some valuable items that are indispensable for reaching the Macrocosm. You will also learn a lot about Surrealism and its Techniques.

Interactive Scenarios!
Over 1000 richly rendered and animated navigation screens in a 3D world. The first-person view will put you inside the plot. Interact with the elements of the scenarios in a free way.
More than 15 totally different environments, each with dozens of scenes.

Adding to your interaction, more than 20 minutes of full motion video, including the complete film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, “An Andalusian Dog”.

All the text is laid out exclusively in the book, meaning that you can consult it any time after you have it in your inventory. In the book, besides the history of Surrealism, you will learn about the Pre-Surrealists, you will see images and photographs, you will have the Surrealist manifesto written by André Breton in its entirety, besides a lot of useful information for those who just want to know more about this movement.

Surreality! A Unique Experience!
An adventure without limits!


After more than 20 years of development, those responsible for directing the game have revisited the work and included a large amount of previously unseen material, as well as new features and the option to play with English texts. Check out some of the new features present in the definitive edition of Surreality:


+ 50 minutes of Making of, Voice Recording and Presentation Videos
+ Concept art in the Extras section
+ Unused development 3D
+ Original packaging
+ Press Material
+ Photos of the crew
+ Jukebox to listen to the full soundtrack
+ Full movie “Between Mirrors and Shadows” by Dimitri Kozma
+ Full Movie “An Andalusian Dog” by Luis Buñuel
+ Bonus Game: “Super Surreality Land
+ No Brakes Podcast about the complete SURREALITY


– English support in all texts (in addition to Portuguese)
– Options screen
– Automatic save system and on-screen options
– Higher resolution cutscenes – Upscale videos and 30fps
– Option to play with censorship

Extra game mode with lots of new and exclusive content, developed exclusively for the definitive edition, unlockable after finishing the main game with any of the 3 endings. Some of the content included in the remix version are:

– Full mini-game “Super Surreality Land,” a retro-style platformer accessed through the arcade inside the conscious’s lounge in remix mode
– New FMV videos
– Fully modified room with additional content
– New frames
– New dialogs for all characters, breaking the fourth wall
– New movie at the cinema: “Between Mirrors and Shadows” by Dimitri Kozma
– Free navigation between conscious, unconscious and marvelous
– New art in the gallery (accessed from the conscious)
– Latin simulator
– Humor mini-game with cucumbers and donuts and higher difficulty
– Delicate corpse game now with drawings created by psychic automatism
– 3 new video soluble fish walks.
– Many Easter eggs and new secrets to uncover

Title: Surrealidade – Definitive Edition

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie


Dimitri Kozma


Surrealidade, Surreality

Release Date: 8 Dec, 2022

Surrealidade – Definitive Edition Trailer

System Requirements


    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 3 or later
    • Processor: Intel Pentium IV 600MHz or higher
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: On Board
    • Storage: 1700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On Board
    • Additional Notes: QuickTime Player

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