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Explore all possible realities as you try and save the universe from the Darkness in this unique procedural Mega Metroidvania Adventure.

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Step into the realm of Project Delta, an expansive Mega Metroidvania game utilizing procedural generation techniques inspired by Map, Area, and Item Randomizers of the Retro Metroidvania classics. This title is a fresh spin on the genre, allowing you to decide the order of your power-ups, and in turn, the shape of the world itself. Embark on an epic journey, uncovering map structures and discovering new power-ups, as you take on the Darkness and seek the Seed of Light to restore balance to the universe.


  • Embark on an epic journey across 7 distinct areas
  • Explore over 20 unique map structures
  • Discover and strategically utilize 10+ powerups
  • 871 unique hand crafted rooms routed for generation
  • Immerse yourself in a rich, 20-30 hour Story Mode
  • Test your skills in 4 Pre-Generated Classic Mode worlds, offering a more structured challenge
  • Special features in options menu, “Backup Saves” and “Return to Hero’s Path”, ensures that you can always find the path forward.

Powerup-Driven Procedural Generation and Meta Progression

Project Delta seamlessly blends traditional Metroidvania gameplay with innovative procedural generation. In the game’s Story Mode, your exploration will lead to the discovery of new map structures and meta power-ups, enabling strategic revisits to previous stages – a move that opens previously unreachable paths and expands on the traditional Metroidvania experience in a way only possible with procedural generation.

One of the early game stages lets you input a single item, resulting in a branching map requiring you to get that item and find a meta item for the meta progression.

Using the ability acquired from that stage, you can use your new power to generate the same stage with different input items – creating a similar world with a different progression and design, and allowing you to unlock different meta items:

(note the darker purple branch on the left in comparison to the first generation. This is because the rooms have a different region and enemies as this world is thematically ahead in the meta-game narrative)

This grows in scale and complexity as the game continues and your ability pool increases allowing you to start with previously discovered items and delve deeper into worlds that grow larger and larger as the game progresses:

Culminating in the game’s ultimate map structure which matches the scope of the classic this game is built in the image of:

Mastering the Art of Sequence Breaking

By choosing the order in which you acquire power-ups, you can create new opportunities to venture off the beaten path and break the “intended” sequence. This adds a strategic layer to your exploration and allows you to challenge the game in unorthodox ways. Your knowledge and understanding of the game’s mechanics, map structures, and the generation algorithm can help you uncover shortcuts, bypass obstacles, and access areas before you might traditionally be able to.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master, Built for the Journey

Beyond the power-ups and sequence breaking, Project Delta also incorporates a knowledge-gated abilities. This means that as you delve deeper into the game, your understanding of its intricacies, mechanics, and secrets will become as valuable as the power-ups you collect.

These knowledge-gated abilities can be utilized for speed running and sequence-breaking which present unique puzzles and challenges that can only be overcome with a grasp of the game’s underlying mechanics. Once you know how your abilities can be combined you’ll begin to see opportunities for sequence breaking, however when execution proves difficult you can utilize the game’s “Enhance Perception” ability which slows down time. A worthy tradeoff for speedruns where your real time increases, but you save time by making less mistakes.

Immersive Storytelling

The lore for the game has been adapted to fit the procedural nature of the game as the protagonist ruminates on the consequences of how the world unfolds around him. Engage in a relentless battle against the encroaching Darkness and embark on a quest for the elusive Seed of Light in an expansive, procedurally generated universe. As you depart from the confines of Aion Station at the dawn of existence, you’ll journey through the shifting landscapes of the universe, uncovering echoes of a world you once knew. Through scattered journal entries and flavor text, you’ll piece together fragments of a rich and detailed history, an epic woven into the very fabric of the world around you.

A Love Letter to a Classic

Project Delta is more than just a game; it’s our heartfelt tribute to the timeless classic – Super Metroid. From its inception, we challenged ourselves to understand the magic of Super Metroid, dissecting its core elements and translating them into a procedurally generated universe. In crafting Project Delta, we saw Super Metroid not only as an inspiration but also as a guiding mentor.

The story mode of Project Delta builds up to a meticulously crafted map structure, embodying the structure of Super Metroid. This map structure offers an experience remarkably reminiscent of the classic game, yet infused with a novel twist – you can generate the world with your own custom order of items, crafting your unique adventure.

Our advanced procedural generation system is designed to respond intuitively to your choices. Whether you’re seeking exploration, a speed-run, or a low-item challenge, Project Delta will adapt, offering an authentic and personalized Metroidvania experience. Retaining the classic’s foundational elements, we’ve forged a unique path, creating a captivating, replayable, and modern Metroidvania experience. Venture into Project Delta’s dynamic universe, a reverent nod to the past, an exciting adventure in the present.

Regarding Keyboard Support

It is not recommend playing on keyboard. There are some aspects which are kind of nice, but controlling is very clunky. If you are going to play on keyboard it is recommended going into the control options (pause > options > control options) and setting Run and Sanguki Blast to toggle. This will make using those mechanics easier on keyboard.

Please note as well. The game supports keyboard, but the glyphs that show up will still be for the controller, the full mapping below in this format:

Keyboard Key – Controller Glyph – Action

Control Mapping:

Left Arrow – Left Arrow Move – Move
Right Arrow – Right Arrow Move – Move
Up Arrow – Up Arrow – Accelerate up quicker / Look Up (hold)
Down Arrow – Down Arrow – Duck / Look Down (hold)
A – Bottom Face Button – Jump / Confirm (in menu)
Space – Right Face Button – Run / Spin Jump (while in air) / Back (in menu)
S – Left Face Button – Shoot
D – Top Face Button – Lay Bomb
Q – Left Shoulder / L1 – Angle Bow
Left Shift – Right Shoulder / R1 – Sanguki Arrows
Left Control – Left Trigger / L2 – Ascend
W – Right Trigger / R2 – Grapple
Tab – Left Stick Click – Cycle Selector Type
C – Right Stick Click – Toggle Selector
1 – Left Analog Up – Select Top for Selector
2 – Left Analog Right – Select Right for Selector
3 – Left Analog Left – Select Left for Selector
4 – Left Analog Down – Select Down for Selector
Return / Enter – Right Menu Button – Pause
Right Shift – Left Menu Button – Open / Close Map
Numpad 8/Up – Right Stick Up – Control Control Up
Numpad 4/Left – Right Stick Left – Control Control Left
Numpad 6/Right – Right Stick Right – Control Control Right
Numpad 5/Down – Right Stick Down – Control Control Down

Title: Project Delta

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access


Flying Fire, LLC


Flying Fire, LLC

Release Date: 15 Jun, 2023

Early Access Release Date: 15 Jun, 2023

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Graphics: Unsure, working on GTX 970

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