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Mystica is an RPG for those who enjoy an intimately-woven, powerful story with rich characters and a smooth, easy-to-learn (yet still challenging) battle system. Fall into a world full of persecution, breaking tensions, and a mysterious natural force dubbed magic that’s changing the planet.

About This Game

Mystica is a dark fantasy set in a world of politics, grimness, and magic heavily inspired by works such as Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy, and Attack on Titan.


  • Set thirty years after a near-apocalyptic incident caused by powerful magic, the world has turned against the mysterious natural force and instead embraced manmade technology.
  • In turn, this has led to widespread Persecution of anyone with magic abilities, something people are born with and have no control over.
  • With the powerful always clamoring for more power, it could only take a single elected emperor to begin the genocide of all magic people…


Play as Vyral, a far-from-perfect mercenary who initially shuns his dormant magic abilities. With a hostile brother and mysterious family past, discovering who he is and where he stands is part of the early adventure.

  • Aided by Evie, a budding knight from the allied kingdom of Falm in the North, and Bailey, a childhood friend of Vyral with ties to Falm’s higher ranks as well. Rounding out the playable characters includes outsider Poppy, a hostile foreigner with little trust, and several guest party members as situations evolve.
  • Bismarck, Vyral’s brother, who leads a mysterious faction of soldiers in black. His organization targets areas of powerful magic, but their exact motives and goals are unclear.
  • Drake and Frey, two powerful rulers who lead the efforts in attacking magic across the Empire. Determined to see magic wiped out entirely before another disaster can occur, they’ll stop at nothing to eradicate the rights and lives of any and all that can use it.
  • Other forces rooted deep in the world’s history… still looming and plotting in the dark as the world descends into chaos and war…


  • Easy-to-learn.
  • Skills matter a lot! Every skill unlocked can effect a battle’s pacing and outcome.
  • Combos can be chained together using powerful skills with early-acquired, weaker ones to further enhance damage and so that every skill will always have a use.
  • Row-based combat adds to the different potential strategies.
  • Can approach battles in a variety of ways with greatly differing strategies.
  • Charge up finishers over several battles to unleash when you see fit, whether on a tough enemy or to turn the tide against a difficult boss.
  • Understand elements, ailments, status boosts, and more to gain the upper hand in ever-harder battles, easing you in at first as the real challenges loom ahead.


  • Normal Mode and Story Mode difficulties. Story Mode is for players wishing to turn off random encounters entirely.
  • Skill Tree learning system. Choose how to develop each character, such as focusing on a specific strategy or improving parameters.
  • Peaceful and Ruthless dialogue choices. Influence how Vyral responds to certain situations. Other characters will form opinions based on how he behaves.
  • Plenty of optional sidequests! From monster hunting, testing combat mechs, filling a library with books, or recanting tales to an orphan boy, there’s always lots of extra content to take on at any point in the game.
  • Money and items matter! Sell loot and old equipment, search the environment, or complete sidequests to earn money and purchase supplies. Items may make or break a battle for you.
  • A detailed database full of information on characters, places, story events, monsters encountered, and more!

Note: this game is something of a sequel to my first published game, Empire; however, it is not at all necessary to have played Empire in order to enjoy or become immersed in the world of Mystica

Title: Mystica

Genre: Adventure, RPG


Clecota Games


Clecota Games

Release Date: 19 Jan, 2023

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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