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Embody the Heartseeker blade in this fast-paced precision clicking platformer. Get to the heart of the Living Dungeon and slay the final heart to save existence.

About This Game

In the Heart of the Living Dungeon…
A steady pulse beast like a drum, a rhythm beckoning your sharp edge, strike true!

Heartseeker is a fast paced platform-like puzzle game where every click strikes your blade into the walls of the dungeon. Strike swiftly and manage your way through 21 hand-crafted levels full of spikes, platforms and doorways to make your way to the heart of hearts.

You embody the Heartseeker blade, a living sword bound with the soul of a hero. Cast yourself through the halls of meat and bones to slay the hearts of the Living Dungeon before it consumes all worlds.

Features Include:

  • Easy mode with aim assist.
  • Mouse-only point and click controls.
  • Time trial mode to test your skills.
  • Collect bonus gems to help your run.
  • Steam leaderboards to prove yourself.
  • An original soundtrack to keep you going.
  • Lore in the form of in-game cosmic meat poetry.
  • A couple of secrets?

Title: Heartseeker

Genre: Action, Indie


Chris Farina

Release Date: 5 Oct, 2021

Heartseeker Trailer

System Requirements


    • Storage: 55 MB available space

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