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Dungeon Maker is a multiplayer application/game to bring your tabletop fantasy role-playing online. Dungeon Maker is designed to work best with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e ruleset.

About This Game

Dungeon Maker is a multiplayer application/game to bring your tabletop fantasy role-playing online. Dungeon Maker is designed to work best with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e ruleset, though no content from DnD is included with the game.

Featuring a robust and frequently updated Map Maker, you can bring your RPG maps to life.

With hundreds of placeable items, you can make just about any map you can imagine. You can also take advantage of the included random map generators, which will give you a starting point for your towns, dungeons, and wilderness maps.

You can build across multiple levels, allowing you to build tall structures for your players to explore, linking different floors with stairs, or other teleporters. Build in hidden pitfall traps, secret paths, and much more.

Map blueprints can also be made, allowing you to create buildings or areas for use in multiple maps. Use your blueprints to quickly build up maps for your campaigns.

The map maker also features a map exporter, allowing you to export your maps as image files that you can use in other programs, or print out for use on the table.

Use the built in campaign maker to combine your maps together using a world map.

Use icons, roads, rivers, labels, and coastlines to define your world, then place down map flags that only the game’s host can see. During play clicking on a map flag will take everyone to that map, allowing you to play out your encounters, then go back to the world map when you’re done.

A quick, and simple way to play out your campaigns, and keep everyone together and able to explore your world.

Dungeon Maker features character, enemy, and NPC makers.

Enemies and NPCs can be placed in encounter maps, and during multi-player can be controlled by the game host. Take control of your creations and unleash powerful attacks and spells on your players. Enemy and NPC stats will be used in game to automatically calculate hits and damage.

While hosting the game host can also place enemies and NPCs on the map, which will instantly be visible to the players. Need to add reinforcements for an encounter when one side is having it too easy? With Dungeon Maker this is as simple as a few clicks.

Character pages feature most of the standard statistics and abilities of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, and these stats will be used in game to determine damage and healing. A variety of actions can be created to simulate many of the game’s spells and weapons.

Of course what would Dungeon Maker be if not for the multiplayer.

Dungeon Masters can host their campaigns online, either through Steamworks, or using IP. Invite your players into your campaign, and they can join with their created characters. Map data is automatically synced to players, so no need for them to download anything, just click and join.

All character, enemy, and NPC portraits are shared through the multiplayer, so you and your players will see their chosen representations, with no limitation of built in game portraits. Upload whatever images you like for characters, enemies, and NPCs based on your campaign and what you want to do, and everyone will see the same thing.

Multiplayer allows players to explore the maps you’ve created, with limited line of sight based on walls and large objects, the ability to choose time of day, and the ability to perform their actions against enemies and NPCs. No need to deal with trying to figure out if a player can see something, or who their spells can hit, Dungeon Maker deals with all that for you, so you can focus more on the role-playing and less on accounting.

Dungeon Maker features several other features including:

Asset reskinning. Want to change the look of the objects in the game, swap the images to your own using the built in asset editor.

Steam Workshop support. Share your campaigns, characters, enemies, blueprints, and assets.

In game briefing screen. Take a break during your campaign to chat with your players with the briefing screen, which will show everyone a piece of art.

Animated Dice rolls. For many dice rolls the players can have custom coloured dice animate rolling across the screen.

Title: Dungeon Maker

Genre: RPG


Brian De La Franier


Tavarin Games

Release Date: 24 Jun, 2023

Early Access Release Date: 7 Jan, 2022

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel UHD 620 or better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 175 MB available space
    • Sound Card: None
    • Additional Notes: It’s a 2D map maker/player, it shouldn’t take much to run

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